31 Dec 2013

New Year's Eve

Hello fabs, 
I'm sure y'all are looking forward to the New Year with hope and numerous expectations. I am too. Fantastic!
This season of love and hope, let's make a conscious decision to live understanding that there are different kinds of people and God loves us all- that's why He sent His Son Jesus in the first place.
Not everyone can understand you a hundred percent and neither can you understand everyone in the same manner.
We are all from different backgrounds, we’ve had different experiences and temperaments. If we all accommodate our differences, we'll be better off in the newyear and always.
I think that this is a deal everyone of us should welcome with open arms and a warm embrace.

Have a fabulous 2014!
Lots of love.

Special diva!

Seasons Greetings lovies!

I was just pondering on a few truths I want to live with in 2014 and I told myself that I'd continually accept and be conscious of who I am in Christ Jesus.
I think that lack of self-worth/self-esteem/self-love is a major cause of a lot of alarming issues many girls/ladies/women face today.
If I knew I was God's master-piece, His priced possession, a valuable asset, a special person (regardless of the kind of life I've lived); and lived everyday conscious of this knowledge, I'll be a better person with the right focus and out-look on life.
As we plan for the year ahead, let's carry this 'princess' image of ourselves in our hearts. We're very special to God.

Cheers honies...

17 Dec 2013

Yuletide gift

Hi fabulous divas,

It’s been two weeks yea? I know. I guess y’all needed the break to take stock of your level of progress in 2013 and create new targets for achieving greater milestones!

Meanwhile, it’s Yuletide. Wow! This season is one of joy, love and friendship.

26 Nov 2013

Belle Reconstruct!

Hi fab,
Now that we know what we've actually spent the last few months of our lives doing, it's time to make new and better plans.

Remember that the means of determining how truly successful you have been is dependent on your intimacy with God, your personal growth and how much you've affected the lives of others positively.

Now, you want to make and document new plans for the coming year in each of these areas of your life already considered here

20 Nov 2013

Belle Detect

Hey gorgeous, Here's another continuation of the series we’ve been considering this month. If you haven’t, you can take a look at the last two posts HERE and HERE.

Today, we’ll be more practical. Please review the last post and do the following exercise:

12 Nov 2013

Belle Reminisce

Hello lovies, I’m sure you’re doing great. I am too. This is of course a follow-up on our last post. Find it HERE.
This week, we would consider how we've fared this year (oh yea, me too :) Let’s utilize the following as yard stick to assess our levels of progression in achieving 'the maximum us'--

6 Nov 2013

Good to go?

The topic sounds pretty something like NYSC yea? LoL. I know. It's not a lecture though.

We grow older everyday, every year. And we of course expect to become more successful-- in every area of our lives.

The series of posts I'd bring you this month would therefore be in form of 'stock-taking'. The aim is to discover how much valuable progress we've made this year and to determine how we can do better in the coming year.
This is the right time for it. We cannot wait to do this in the rave of the Yuletide. Now is the time.

internet mishap!

Pardon me lovies,
Yesterday, the internet just wouldn't bulge.
That's why we need you! and You!! and YOU!!! to get up to do it and create a more wonderful system

Love always,

29 Oct 2013

The Pointers!

Hi divas, happy bright Tuesday!
This week, let's get the underlying pointers from our last post.
Uche's story-
Develop your gift. Your gift will make a way for you (financially too) "A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men"- Proverbs 18: 16

22 Oct 2013

To be or not to be?

That was how my friend Uche started her  own tv show. She does it excellently and as far as she's concerned, she's the best thing that happened to television.
Over the years, she's sent countless applications to television and radio houses. None was impressed, then she decided to start her own show. Now she anchors programs for other stations and gets paid big money for doing what she loves!

Teju always loved to try make-up artistry. She learnt it from her elder sister's friend when we were in school. Today, she's the go-to girl in and around where she lives.

15 Oct 2013

Is this really necessary?

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
Since we have laid a foundation of the erroneous opinions of women about money (Read HERE), let us go further to consider why we need to have the right opinions-- 

1. To develop a clear sense of identity
2. To be financially independent (no man wants a liability)
3. To support our homes and husbands
4. To support our kids
 Please click below to see more

11 Oct 2013

16 Sep 2013

Purpose chasers!

Hi divas, it's me again :)
As a sequel to our last topic 'Finding purpose', I have put up this post for your deeper understanding and clarification.

Here are some pointers to discovering your 'initial and actual purpose':

9 Sep 2013

Finding Purpose

At some point in our lives, we may encounter the feeling of “oblivion”. This feeling is characterized by the notion that “there's something wrong” or “something's missing”, etc.

It has nothing to do with having lots of money, a great job and countless friends. Neither should it likened to man’s insatiable needs and desires. When one is this much satisfied, it might still exhibit itself as an intense feeling of “frustration” for no reason at all.

26 Aug 2013

Tired Much

We all need a huge break from our daily routines and the general stress.
Why don't you take some time off work, etc to give yourself a treat this period?

You don't have to go to Dubai, London or Paris to have fun. There are beautiful places here in Nigeria: La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, in Lekki, Lagos, Obudu Ranch Resort in Cross River State, for instance, amongst a host of many others.

Or just a nice, simple

14 Aug 2013

...And be happy

Enjoy simplicity
Smile as much as possible
Live for today
Love more
Forgive more
Read hundreds of books
Listen to great music
Eat great food
Love yourself
Learn from your mistakes
Understand no one is perfect
Take nothing and no one for granted
Live up to YOUR expectations
Buy more shoes
Let down your hair
Eat ice cream this summer
Fear God
Make impacts; Make heaven.
#datsall :)