29 Oct 2013

The Pointers!

Hi divas, happy bright Tuesday!
This week, let's get the underlying pointers from our last post.
Uche's story-
Develop your gift. Your gift will make a way for you (financially too) "A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men"- Proverbs 18: 16
Teju's story-
Acquire a skill you love or can love. Whatever you find doing, do it well. Become a reservoir of knowledge in that field. Soon enough, you'll become the go-to girl.  

Linda's story-
Find an area of interest and explore it. Be committed to what you're passionate about.
Have a specialty; a jack of all trades is master of none.

Feyi's story-
If you're a student, your school days may pose an opportunity to make some extra cash and become the foundation of a business that'll flourish thereafter. Focus and determination are the key.

A career-oriented person may acquire some extra qualification by way of a Certification or a Masters Degree to be placed at a better advantage.
There are some sites that offer free online courses that one can link to his/her career. One of them is Coursera

Kate's story-
The capital to start a business is not the major challenge. Your Business Plan is. Develop one that works. When people see your honest zeal, they'll either partner with or agree to support you.
Also, learn to save. A percentage of every amount you receive should be saved up for purposes like this.

In Tayo's case-
Being married and raising children is neither a limitation nor a curse. It's a milestone that you have overcome and should be proud of.
Be wise enough to involve in money-making activities that you can manage along with your family, for a healthy balance.

Again, you don't need to feel like there is a huge competition in your line of business. There are lots of fishes in the ocean. And of course, what you're looking for in 'Sokoto' is in your 'Shokoto' lol.

Locate yourself strategically. Carve a niche for yourself by your high quality service and dedication to client care. 
You will make it if you try!

The question still is "to be or not to be?" The options are boundless!

Love, always.

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onyinye okoye said...

I now have beta ideas abt hw to run my own business keep it up Nk!