26 Nov 2013

Belle Reconstruct!

Hi fab,
Now that we know what we've actually spent the last few months of our lives doing, it's time to make new and better plans.

Remember that the means of determining how truly successful you have been is dependent on your intimacy with God, your personal growth and how much you've affected the lives of others positively.

Now, you want to make and document new plans for the coming year in each of these areas of your life already considered here

20 Nov 2013

Belle Detect

Hey gorgeous, Here's another continuation of the series we’ve been considering this month. If you haven’t, you can take a look at the last two posts HERE and HERE.

Today, we’ll be more practical. Please review the last post and do the following exercise:

12 Nov 2013

Belle Reminisce

Hello lovies, I’m sure you’re doing great. I am too. This is of course a follow-up on our last post. Find it HERE.
This week, we would consider how we've fared this year (oh yea, me too :) Let’s utilize the following as yard stick to assess our levels of progression in achieving 'the maximum us'--

6 Nov 2013

Good to go?

The topic sounds pretty something like NYSC yea? LoL. I know. It's not a lecture though.

We grow older everyday, every year. And we of course expect to become more successful-- in every area of our lives.

The series of posts I'd bring you this month would therefore be in form of 'stock-taking'. The aim is to discover how much valuable progress we've made this year and to determine how we can do better in the coming year.
This is the right time for it. We cannot wait to do this in the rave of the Yuletide. Now is the time.

internet mishap!

Pardon me lovies,
Yesterday, the internet just wouldn't bulge.
That's why we need you! and You!! and YOU!!! to get up to do it and create a more wonderful system

Love always,