21 Jan 2014

I will later...Oh I didn't!

Okay, so it didn’t happen today. I couldn’t get myself to do the stuff I wanted to do today. I guess I’ll do all that stuff tomorrow. Then the stuff I have to do tomorrow, maybe I’ll do it the day after and so on. Oh, well maybe I just wouldn’t do any of it anymore. *Whew*
What better time is there to begin to live out all you have planned out than NOW?
Procrastination is a major distraction to be distracted before it distracts us from achieving our worthwhile dreams. (Pun intended :)
Okay, let’s do this this way: set your alarm or reminder to the time you want to something important. Once it goes off, proceed to do whatever it was you wanted to do. Yep. That’s it. *wink*

Love always.

14 Jan 2014

How to have a great day!

Hello Ladies, welcome to another week on the blog.
This year, we’re all set to achieve big things in bigger ways than we did last year.
A successful/fulfilled year is dependent on successful monthly achievements which is in turn are dependent on daily successes!
Therefore, if we’re successful each day, each month will be successful and so will the year!
A wise man taught me how to have a successful day and I’m going to share it with you—
  •     Write down a basic plan for each day;
  •     Evaluate and prioritize the day’s activities in order of their rewards and benefits to you;

7 Jan 2014

New Year, New Us!

Seasons Compliments!
It’s another great time to share with you ladies and I’m absolutely excited about it.
This New Year, I’m certain everyone has plans to achieve better things; to make giant strides to achieve personal goals and to generally surpass last year’s achievements. Very nice!

We can’t just do all these by saying we want to. That’s why I’m here to share the following with you and trust me, they sure work: