22 Oct 2013

To be or not to be?

That was how my friend Uche started her  own tv show. She does it excellently and as far as she's concerned, she's the best thing that happened to television.
Over the years, she's sent countless applications to television and radio houses. None was impressed, then she decided to start her own show. Now she anchors programs for other stations and gets paid big money for doing what she loves!

Teju always loved to try make-up artistry. She learnt it from her elder sister's friend when we were in school. Today, she's the go-to girl in and around where she lives.

Linda decided to try sewing. She was the stylish one and she was particularly passionate about female traditional clothes. She's a top Fashion Designer now.

Feyi insisted she was comfortable with event hosting. She started off in school as an events usher. Now, she runs a registered events planning and public relations company.

My other friend, Bernie has always been very career-oriented. She took extra online courses (which gave her an advantage), packaged herself properly, and with her confidence and optimism, landed a mouth-watering job description with one of the top oil firms around.

Kate got a loan from a family friend to which she added her savings and started a small scale weave (human hair) business. You don't wanna know how huge it is now.

Tayo has a family now- two lovely boys and a husband who she says is more or less a baby too. She trades online, making some cash in foreign currency. And oh, she's starting her salon and spa soon. There's none on the street she lives!

The question is "to be or not to be?" The options are boundless!

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