11 Apr 2017

Things To Consider Before Leaving Your Job

I'm going to be discussing this topic from the "abundance" of wisdom I gathered when I quit my 9-5 job and this post is especially for my Nigerian blog readers.
You want to quit your job. Go ahead. Or, maybe not. Before you quit, ask yourself and answer these questions honestly-

1. For what reason? If you have no tangible reason, perhaps, it seems to be the "in-thing" in your office, just kuku stay there. 

2. Do you live in Nigeria? Have a rethink. 

3. You want to travel the world? Where's the money to do that? What about the time of experience you'll be loosing? Can you negotiate it with your employer? Why not get a job that can enable you travel the world? Like air hostess (you have to take a course and get certified with IATA for this), travel blogger, or volunteer with an international organization. 

4. Do you have another job yet? If you don't,  my sister, please stay there.

5. You want to go abroad to study. Why not take a study leave rather than quitting? If after studying, you find a better one, you can quit (depending on the wordings of your employment contract).

6. You just want to relax. Take a work leave instead; or a vacation. Travel somewhere far and "cut off" from work-related "stuff" for that period and enjoy EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. When you get back, you'll be refreshed, refired, motivated and inundated with ideas on how to work better. 

7. You're getting married. And he lives in another state. Hmm, this one is subjective o. But personally, I'll rather find another job in the new state before quitting. Some people like me can't be full time housewives. It's just not our calling. 

8. You're migrating. Ok. Sounds okay. Maybe. Perhaps. But wait o, my husband has a family friend who got a permanent resident visa for himself and his family in a first world country. He sent them there and stayed back for his job. He's a pilot. He makes cooooool cash! #JustSaying

9. You want to become an entrepreneur. Awesome! But I'm definitely team keep your 9-5 and do your side job. If your side job is big enough, and can pay your bills, as well as sustain itself, maybe you're ready. Just maybe. 

10. You're married and your husband will take care of the bills. Hehehehehhe. Ok, seriously, discuss it with him ELABORATELY. Don't go and be giving the man hypertension. Ordinarily, you should financially support the home as much as you can. You may establish a business before you quit your 9-5.

11. Your salary is too small. But somehow, you still manage. You're eating well, paying your rent by miracle, getting by. Please hang in there till you find a better one. 

12. The job is giving you hypertension. Hmm, this is another subjective one. Health comes first. You can also have a discussion with your employer, depending on the setting of your workplace. Perhaps you can just take a medical leave for an extended period of time. 

13. You just hate the job. All other areas are checked. You just want to leave. Kiss it goodbye baby! 

Let us know what your thoughts are in the comment section! 


onyinye okoye said...

These are important points that should seriously be thought of before leaving your job. I quit my last job because the pay couldn't sustain me well enough and yet the job was very demanding. It was a good decision I made.

Nkechi Okoye said...

Thumbs up girl!

piseth san said...

Hello!! I'am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited.Thank you.

Nkechi Okoye said...

Thanks Piseth!