20 Nov 2013

Belle Detect

Hey gorgeous, Here's another continuation of the series we’ve been considering this month. If you haven’t, you can take a look at the last two posts HERE and HERE.

Today, we’ll be more practical. Please review the last post and do the following exercise:

1. Get a writing pad and a pen;

2. Go to a quiet place (this could take a while if you're committed to it. So brace up with a cup of coffee);
--NB: you should commit sometime to this exercise. Lasting success isn't achieved in a hurry.

3. If you have a documented 'Resolution/plans for 2013', you would need it. Otherwise, be ready to be brutally honest with yourself;

4. Create a page for each topic previously discussed;

5. Re-write the plans you had for this year (including the ones you had in your heart);

6. Answer the question, "Did I achieve this the way I intended to?"

7. Grade yourself on a scale of 1 to 10.

8. If you have scored a less than 7, for a question that should have had a positive answer, or a more than 7 for a question that should have had a negative answer, you should revisit your plans for the next year.

Repeat this exercise for each topic.
Now you know how you've fared this year. Need I tell you more?

Now that we’ve assessed ourselves, let’s make definite plans to be better and do better in the coming years. More help on the way next week.  *wink*

Lots of love.

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