31 Dec 2013

Special diva!

Seasons Greetings lovies!

I was just pondering on a few truths I want to live with in 2014 and I told myself that I'd continually accept and be conscious of who I am in Christ Jesus.
I think that lack of self-worth/self-esteem/self-love is a major cause of a lot of alarming issues many girls/ladies/women face today.
If I knew I was God's master-piece, His priced possession, a valuable asset, a special person (regardless of the kind of life I've lived); and lived everyday conscious of this knowledge, I'll be a better person with the right focus and out-look on life.
As we plan for the year ahead, let's carry this 'princess' image of ourselves in our hearts. We're very special to God.

Cheers honies...

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