26 Aug 2013

Tired Much

We all need a huge break from our daily routines and the general stress.
Why don't you take some time off work, etc to give yourself a treat this period?

You don't have to go to Dubai, London or Paris to have fun. There are beautiful places here in Nigeria: La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, in Lekki, Lagos, Obudu Ranch Resort in Cross River State, for instance, amongst a host of many others.

Or just a nice, simple
hang out with a friend or two over a nice meal? There are some “easily affordable” meal hangouts on www.dealdey.com

You could also go for a walk on the beach, a photo session, to see family and friends, to a play, a music, comedy or fashion concert, the cinema… the options abound.

Maximize the privilege honey, relax your body and mind. Feel the breeze!

Love always.

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