12 Nov 2013

Belle Reminisce

Hello lovies, I’m sure you’re doing great. I am too. This is of course a follow-up on our last post. Find it HERE.
This week, we would consider how we've fared this year (oh yea, me too :) Let’s utilize the following as yard stick to assess our levels of progression in achieving 'the maximum us'--

Have I been close to God as I intended when this year began? Do I have a relationship with Him? Do I tell Him everything and anything? Do I immediately apologize when I’ve done something wrong? Or I only remember He exists when I need a miracle?

Have I been an impulse spender? Did I make or lose more money? Did I make any wise investments? Do I have any savings now? How much? Is it less? Why is it this amount now? Did I make any extra cash on my own? What important endeavour did I put it to? If I'm made the finance manager/ treasurer in my organization, what would be the story? Have I been committed to paying my tithes, my offerings and first fruits, giving alms?

Have I been too clingy or emotionally independent? Did I cry more often? Why/why not? Did I let past hurts, mistakes and fears affect new relationships? Was I the cause of the break-up? Am I a good fiancee/wife/friend/mother? Why? Why not?

Have I been a snob? A gossip? How many 'toasters' did I laugh at? Could any of them have been 'the one?' Have I been arrogant, lazy, angry, kept malice, more often?

Am I a good daughter/mother/sister? Are my parents proud of me? Is my fiance/husband proud of me? Why didn't that relationship/marriage work? When last did I see my parents/siblings? Do I still care? When last did I show some love?

Have I affected my colleagues positively? What do my colleagues think of me? Have I been too involved in my job that I ignored other areas of my life? Am I the office gossip/busy-body/malice-keeper? Was I the reason someone was accused falsely and disengaged? Am I a fraud? Was I bold enough to present that plan that could have saved my organization?

Did I gain that admission? Why? Why not? Was I too lazy to apply for that Masters degree program or scholarship? Did I ignore that online program that could have given me an edge? Could I have imparted knowledge during the strike? Could I have gained more knowledge during the strike and other spare days, weeks and months? Have I used too many abbreviations that I've sincerely forgotten how to spell some words?
Did I make good friends? Did I ignore old friends? Was I selfish most of the time? Am I oblivious of the events around me? Am I too interested in E! And 'Style' that I forget to listen to NTA news, or even the radio? Did I achieve much via social sites or waste useful time?  

Did I hit the gym or the streets to lose that weight? Am I comfortable with the weight? Did I feed reasonably and responsibly? Did I ignore my health this year? Could my eye sight be better by eating certain foods? What kind? Did I fall very sick before I did something? Is there any strange pain I constantly ignore? Could it be a symptom of something critical?

Above all, am I willing to be a better person???

Yes you probably knew all these already. But did you?

Do leave your comments in the dialogue box below. I'd looove to 'hear' from you.

Hugs and kisses.

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