26 Nov 2013

Belle Reconstruct!

Hi fab,
Now that we know what we've actually spent the last few months of our lives doing, it's time to make new and better plans.

Remember that the means of determining how truly successful you have been is dependent on your intimacy with God, your personal growth and how much you've affected the lives of others positively.

Now, you want to make and document new plans for the coming year in each of these areas of your life already considered here
a. Develop the Ultimate Plan with the right reason
["I will loose weight because I want to be fit and healthy"]
b. Develop Specific Strategies on how to achieve these plans
["I will no longer eat junk food"; "I will exercise daily"; "I will always have dinner before 7pm"]

c. Develop Definite Disciplines to meet these Strategies
["I will go jogging with my friend every morning"; "I will no longer have pizza for dinner, but fruit salad"]

Have daily reminders for your new plans; Till they become part of your routine.
If you're committed, soon enough you'll observe the difference.
Love and love, always.
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