4 Apr 2017

15 Life Lessons

Hello people,

I've been reflecting on quite a few things lately and so, decided to do this post to share some thoughts. I'll just share short points, maybe you can give them some deep thought, see how you relate with them, or not.
Here are the top 15 life lessons I've learnt so far -
1. Not all that glitters is gold.
2. Patience is a virtue.
3. Easy does it.
4. Have goals and make efforts to achieve them.
5. Look good always.
6. Integrity. Integrity. Integrity.
7. Eat healthy.
8. Genuinely love and care for others.
9. Be committed to something you enjoy.
10. Be kind.
11. Have an opinion and express it at the right time.
12. Words are fire. 
13. Have your own regular source of income.
14. Be humble and respect others.
15. Listen!

Let's know yours in the comment section.
Love always! X

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onyinye okoye said...

Good tips on healthy living. Nice!