6 Nov 2013

Good to go?

The topic sounds pretty something like NYSC yea? LoL. I know. It's not a lecture though.

We grow older everyday, every year. And we of course expect to become more successful-- in every area of our lives.

The series of posts I'd bring you this month would therefore be in form of 'stock-taking'. The aim is to discover how much valuable progress we've made this year and to determine how we can do better in the coming year.
This is the right time for it. We cannot wait to do this in the rave of the Yuletide. Now is the time.

-What am I even doing?
-Am I doing it right?
-How have I done so far?
-Have I achieved all/most of my plans for this year?
-Am I making real progress Or just moving in circles?
-Am I ignoring the most important things?
-Do I need to stop or continue or try a different route?
-Am I involved in Individual/Corporate Social Responsibility?

The answers to most of these questions will come to you and you will know what to do about them. You just need a little guide.
We'll go over the series this month to help you prepare your minds and of course, to avoid boredom ;)
Expect a detailed follow-up next Tuesday.

Please let me know what you think. Do leave your comments, questions and observations in the comments box below.

Love, always.


onyinye okoye said...

Time to evaluate.I still have a lot to do before the year runs out..

onyinye okoye said...

All those so called new year resolutions hmmm...


lol. This is the right time to sought them out and determine to be more excellent in the coming months!