17 Apr 2017

7 Things Your Baby Should Never Play With

Mothers do a lot of worrying for the safety of their babies. And those little ones, whew. Once they start holding objects and crawling about, it's a whole day's job trying to keep up with them daily. So I've made it a bit easier for you, just in case you were not thinking of these. Here are my top 7 things you should NEVER let your baby play with -

1. Pens, pencils and their covers. Just about any sharp objects you can thing of are Very dangerous. They can just poke their eyes, ears, noses away. OMG! 

2. Shoes. They're shoes for a reason. Jeez. People have worn them out and about. 

3. Objects they can swallow. Imagine them - rings, stud earrings, small bottle tops, erasers, sharpeners, the list goes on. 

4. Fruits they can instantly swallow. Talk about grapes. Do you know they're choking hazards for babies? 

5. Cans of pills. Think about your baby somehow emptying your can of ibuprofen,  or even folic acid, or tearing a satchet of medicine, picking them one after the other and swallowing them conveniently!!!

6. Bottles. This will include medicine bottles, nail polish, perfume bottles. Consider the bottle broken!

7. Burst balloons. They can swallow this very easily and choke on them. 

Let's know any other ones you can think of!

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