27 Jun 2017

5 Ways To Fund Your World Travel

I'm a huge advocate for travel, especially world travel (even though I don't have a world of experience in this). I have a draft article on "things to do before you get married" and traveling is on the list. Maybe I'll change the topic to 'what to do while ""waiting to be married"" ' (as if...).  Well, let's not digress. 

I absolutely loved it when I went to Dallas (Texas, USA) and Calgary (Canada). I should do a post on the 'benefits of traveling' or something like that. I'm sure I have a few things to share. 

For now, we know that the first thing that comes to mind when talking about travelling the world is funding. So, I thought to share these ideas with you - 

1. Study. Why not earn a degree or get certified while you're doing what you want - exploring different cultures? If you can, apply for a course abroad. I'll suggest a European institution because if you get a Schengen student visa, you can travel to other European countries within the Schengen zone😆.