31 Dec 2013

New Year's Eve

Hello fabs, 
I'm sure y'all are looking forward to the New Year with hope and numerous expectations. I am too. Fantastic!
This season of love and hope, let's make a conscious decision to live understanding that there are different kinds of people and God loves us all- that's why He sent His Son Jesus in the first place.
Not everyone can understand you a hundred percent and neither can you understand everyone in the same manner.
We are all from different backgrounds, we’ve had different experiences and temperaments. If we all accommodate our differences, we'll be better off in the newyear and always.
I think that this is a deal everyone of us should welcome with open arms and a warm embrace.

Have a fabulous 2014!
Lots of love.

Special diva!

Seasons Greetings lovies!

I was just pondering on a few truths I want to live with in 2014 and I told myself that I'd continually accept and be conscious of who I am in Christ Jesus.
I think that lack of self-worth/self-esteem/self-love is a major cause of a lot of alarming issues many girls/ladies/women face today.
If I knew I was God's master-piece, His priced possession, a valuable asset, a special person (regardless of the kind of life I've lived); and lived everyday conscious of this knowledge, I'll be a better person with the right focus and out-look on life.
As we plan for the year ahead, let's carry this 'princess' image of ourselves in our hearts. We're very special to God.

Cheers honies...

17 Dec 2013

Yuletide gift

Hi fabulous divas,

It’s been two weeks yea? I know. I guess y’all needed the break to take stock of your level of progress in 2013 and create new targets for achieving greater milestones!

Meanwhile, it’s Yuletide. Wow! This season is one of joy, love and friendship.