9 Sep 2013

Finding Purpose

At some point in our lives, we may encounter the feeling of “oblivion”. This feeling is characterized by the notion that “there's something wrong” or “something's missing”, etc.

It has nothing to do with having lots of money, a great job and countless friends. Neither should it likened to man’s insatiable needs and desires. When one is this much satisfied, it might still exhibit itself as an intense feeling of “frustration” for no reason at all.

If we pay close attention, we would discover it is actually “a void”, a feeling of “emptiness”.

This usually happens when we are yet to fulfill our initial and actual purpose for existence. No diva (and indeed no one) exists just to have kids and die. There is a higher purpose.

Until you find the higher purpose, it might be difficult to overcome the feeling of frustration.

Happy hunting honey.

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