16 Sep 2013

Purpose chasers!

Hi divas, it's me again :)
As a sequel to our last topic 'Finding purpose', I have put up this post for your deeper understanding and clarification.

Here are some pointers to discovering your 'initial and actual purpose':

-Pray for God's direction and be careful to get a clear one from Him.
-Discover what you are easily drawn to. This is where your passion meets your pain. What “pains” you when it happens? What are you sincerely passionate about affecting?
-Do a “soul-search”. Find out what gives you fulfillment.
-Examine yourself for your inner and external strengths and natural abilities.
-Discover what you can do excellently with minimal assistance.
-Consider your talents and skills. They need not be perfect already.
-Be careful to know what is exactly required of you.

Love always,

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