15 Oct 2013

Is this really necessary?

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
Since we have laid a foundation of the erroneous opinions of women about money (Read HERE), let us go further to consider why we need to have the right opinions-- 

1. To develop a clear sense of identity
2. To be financially independent (no man wants a liability)
3. To support our homes and husbands
4. To support our kids
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School leaver/student--
Trying your hands at your ability to earn some extra bucks is a great activity. This is so for a lot of reasons, most importantly, because you can save or make an investment for the future where you might no longer be entitled to a lot of allowance/ pocket money.

Post graduate diva--
Pursuing a career or a clearly defined vision early enough is as important as building a healthy/happy family. A strong woman adds flavour to every relationship.

Married woman--
A wife is help-meet. Your primary assignment to your husband is to be a helper to him; a supporter. A major way you can be of help to him is financially. Certain house-hold items can be purchased without necessarily looking up to him for money. The kids can have their toys and other demands met. You can finally afford that gorgeous dress you've been dying to have. 
The question to ponder is how can we be more financially independent?
More useful ideas next Tuesday.

Love, always.

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