2 Sep 2016

8 things every ambitious Nigerian woman wants to achieve by the age of 25

I realise that every woman wants different things out of life. This article doesn't imply that some women aren't ambitious enough. It provides a general overview of certain goals a 21st century woman in Nigeria wants to achieve by the age of 25.

Also, the word "ambitious" here is used loosely and the points mentioned in this article incorporate personal, career and other objectives of a wide range of women from different socio-cultural backgrounds and with different experiences.

I've used the age of 25 because I think 25 is the age where a woman becomes even more self-aware, such that she should ask questions about how much progress she has made with achieving her life's goals.

Now, over to the crux of the matter:

1. A good university degree.
Acquiring a university degree is a no-brainer for an ambitious woman. However, I don't think anyone would intentionally want to spend four to five years in the university and graduate with a third class or a pass. We know mistakes and other things happen but generally, we would aim for a second class upper degree at least.

2. A good masters degree.
In these days and times, almost everyone I know has gone ahead to acquire a masters degree from a university in the UK. The job market is competitive and no ambitious woman wants to be left out.

 3. A good job.
What a good job is, is relative. It depends on the employee. But we all want that don't we?

4. A good husband.
This is Africa. By the time we graduate from the university, our parents are already thinking husband. I think while going the route of a successful career, a woman should also consider building a successful home.

5. An association of good friends.
Someone said that lifetime friends are usually made in secondary/high school. While it might be true, I don't think it's exclusive. I have good friends I made in the university and during my national service year; some of which have turned sisters.

 6. A "clean" car.
Who doesn't?

 7. A "world tour".
OK, maybe not a world tour in the sense of it, but a trip out of town or out of the country for whatever reason - a vacation, sight-seeing, an event, etc.

8. Good money in the bank.
This point speaks for itself.  

While it's possible to have achieved all these by the age of 25, the other issue is with "today's Nigeria"...

If your dreams haven't come through and you're beyond that age you had planned them for, it's ok, it doesn't mean they wouldn't in the near future. We're in this together!

This list might be incomplete, so please leave your contributions in the comment box. Thank you!