7 Mar 2017

My Gratitude Challenge #Day 1

Sometimes,  we see and dwell too much on the things that aren’t or what we wish were, forgetting that we live in miracles daily. So, I’ve decided to do the gratitude challenge. I’m going to be publicly thanking God for the things He has done for us. 

Today, I'm grateful for the successful delivery of my son and his perfect health.

For sometime now, I’ve been literally immersed in taking care of my son who happens to be 6 months old now. It’s been a whole new experience for me. Sometimes, exhausting and other times, FUN! 

He’s the perfect child. My child birth experience was a challenge that I wore gracefully and smashed (if I say so myself). Maybe I’ll do a post about that sometime.

My baby is perfectly healthy, sitting at the right time, crawling at the right time,  standing while aided at the right time, eating solids at the right time, I’m thoroughly grateful to God! 

I’d love to hear from you, let me know what you’re grateful about in the comment section. 


onyinye okoye said...

I'm grateful for the continuous growth of my business and for having such an amazing family with wonderful sisters and brother!!!

Nkechi Okoye said...

Thank you.