31 May 2017

Loose that baby weight!

Hello mummies,

There's something for you today.

I'm not a medical practitioner or a nutritionist, so, I'll only be sharing with you some things I did that helped me shed baby weight.

1. Eating clean.
I'm not going to say keto dieting. I found that it wasn't sustainable for me. I had tried a basic part of it ie not even the real strict keto o; and after about 2/3 weeks, I discovered that I couldn't continue. I couldn't completely alienate bread, rice, garri, yam from my diet. We're in Nigeria for crying out loud and wheat bread, brown rice and the likes didn't quite appeal to me. I decided to cut down on the intake of (bad) fat and carbohydrate.

2. Working out.
I've always been a firm believer in excersicing to keep fit. During this journey, I discovered that the crunches and sit-ups are actually counterproductive for loosing tummy fat. One would have to loose the general body weight before the tummy weight begins to shed. They say the midsection is like the fat reservoir of the body. Start with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Kola of Koboko Fitness has some great advice in this regard on her blog.

3. Intermittent fasting.
I hadn't even planned to do this. At a point, it so happened that I hadn't the appetite for food. It sure helped me drop some pounds. 

4. Waist training.
The best thing, I think, about waist training is that it prevents one from consuming too much food at once. Now, when I use my waist trainer, which is rarely, my aim is to see if I can get my hourglass figure back. I hope it works!

5. Water.
We know that water has a lot of benefits to the body. So, when you're in this phase, water is your best friend. Importantly, it keeps you fuller for longer. When next you're packing the diaper bag, grab a bottle of water for yourself!

Ps: I feel like I look like a stick in full personal photos, so I don't have many of them. I cropped this one below from a group photo. Lol. Enjoy.

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