25 Sep 2016

My daily confidence boosters

Self confidence is key to "conquering" the world. Whether it's running an errand, or meeting up with the girls, travelling, going to church, work, making a presentation, we all need some good ol confidence boosters and here are some of mine:

  • Dress well - when I know I look good, I feel good. It's definitely a confidence boost because at that time, I immediately develop the Olivia Pope attitude that says "I'll fix it".

  • Look good - this could go with dressing, but, no. For me, it stands alone. It includes being generally organised, having a nice neat hair, nice make up and wearing GREAT shoes! I love good shoes and I always feel powerful when wearing one. 

  • Know your stuff - this is just as important as the others. You don't want to be the empty book with a nice cover. Arm yourself with the right information for that interview, presentation, meeting, event, etc. I once went for a meeting without proper information about the topic of discussion. Trust me, it wasn't  funny when I embarrassed myself. *After all my good-looking* Do your research and be informed about current events, and their implication on the society/economy; and make sensible contributions to conversations. Also, listen when people talk, it's part of the learning process. 

  • Godfidence - this one cannot be overemphasised or underestimated. On days when I've reminded myself of who I am in Christ and all my inheritance in Him, and how I can do all things through Him, I'm over the moon. I don't just feel super, I also feel deeply happy and content. This for me, is the winner!

Good luck!
Love and hugs!

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