26 Sep 2016

5 Easy Date Ideas

If you're anything like me, you should find the following ideas interesting for your next date -

1. Movies: I love movies. Movies are my thing. Let's go see a movie and have a good time. 

2. Live drama theatre: The first time I went to a live drama was with my friend. We had fun! 

3. Restaurant: I'm up for this if we're up for a nice meal (lunch or dinner) and good talk. 

4. Beach: The smell of fresh air and the sea breeze is ever calming. The beach is always a good idea close to nature and a great place to have fun, relax and unwind. You can even extend it to a boat ride or a visit to an island. 

5. Someone said church, and I don't see why not!

I've been wondering why people interchange the words "date" and "relationship". In my opinion, if someone is going on a date, then the person is going to "hangout" with someone else, whether female or male. It doesn't mean being in a relationship!

Love and love.