5 Aug 2013

Only but a Shadow

You've lived as a Shadow of Yourself when you realize that:

After the years of hard work,
Your health is failing,
Your life is slowing down,
Your friends and family are not there anymore because you were never there for them,
All that you thought you held dear are falling apart and you're just alone.

Maybe you should:

--Love family- no matter what, you're bound by blood. They are family for a reason.
Love all as yourself. It's the First Commandment.
--Care for the needy- it's more fulfilling than a reckless attention-seeking party for instance.
--Live for a purpose-it's more important than chasing after worthless vain.
--Be humble-there's really no competition in life.
--Take a huge break from work- you wouldn’t work if you died anyway.
--Die for a good cause-we'll all die some day, what would you rather live for?

Plenty doses of Love.

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