29 Jul 2013

Braids the Brilliant

By “braids” in this issue, I mean long flowing braids, not plaited hair.

Why wear braids?
A-    They are usually a “get-away” mechanism from the harsh weather condition.
If the sun is scorching, braid your hair. Why?
  1.  You would be too occupied wiping off your sweat than styling your weaves;
  2. You will feel like your weaves have come from hell to irritate you;
  3. You wouldn’t need the extra stress of maintaining your natural hair;
  4. You will be tempted to take off your weaves before the due date because of the high temperature.
B-    They are as comfy as wearing slip-ons.
C-    They can be rolled/styled into whatever form suits you.
D-    They can be carried for longer periods than weaves.
E-     You can rock them with any outfit—casual jeans, official/corporate, dinner dress, etc.
F-     Sometimes, you need to expose your scalp to let it breathe.
G-    Weaves get too common and too boring.
photo credit: style by queens

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Chara said...

I like your posts dear, keep writing...more grace, cheers!