4 Jul 2013

Black girl, white skin

 Dear fab lady,

This is a letter from me to you, with all my love:

It has continually surprised me how I see people (men and women) with parched skins; darker knuckles and knees, black parches on the sides of their faces, etc
This is clearly a sign that unless the person has some skin defects, he/she is “bleaching”
Some call it “toning”, “enhancing”, “lightening” etc. The truth however is that it is “bleaching”—meaning--to whiten by exposure to sunlight or by a chemical process.

I use this word strongly because what happens when we use most “toning” creams is that the outer skin (epidermis) is being peeled away so that the middle layer of the skin, which is of course brighter, can be apparent; thereby making us appear fairer.
The danger is this:  a skin pigment called melanin, deposited in the epidermis of black people prevents radiation damage, that is responsible for the formation of malignant skin diseases and skin cancer; among a host of other functions. Sadly, when the epidermis is successfully depleted, the skin will of course be left without protection.
What then happens about the radiation from the sun? Especially considering the nature of the heat from the sun in Africa?
A black woman is a black woman. You’re still pretty and attractive. Be proud of yourself!

Yours affectionately,

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Anonymous said...

I love this......Black is Beauty.