8 Apr 2013


 Some ladies honestly pretend not to care about their physical appearance.  They try to convince themselves with the idea that their appearance has nothing to do with their personality, success, credibility, etc.

In this fallacious belief, they go about selling themselves off as “hookers”, “handy men”, “naïve-about-everything”, “incompetent”, etc.

Your physical appearance will almost always pass the first message about you to your clients, business associates, prospective employers, your fiance’s ex, his friends, or his parents!

You can’t wear, for instance, a mini-top and skirt, along with heavy make-up and long “witchy” finger nails to a job interview. You will only appear sloppy and unserious. In the mind of your prospective employer, it’ll translate to how reckless and careless you can be on the job. That in turn, translates to a “no-no” for your application 95% of the time—and this is fact!

Or imagine wearing these to visit your prospective parents-in-law for the first time. Except you and the man elope, I have little doubts that his parents will allow you marry him.

Dress for success. Dress to soothe the occasion!

It doesn’t necessarily imply spending lots of money on clothes, shoes and accessories. Only harness your inherent art of fashion. Combine clothes. It can be fun you know. Carefully plan it ahead of time so as not to get stuck in the rut of finding what to wear on the morning of an important event. I wish you all the best! :)
photo credit: Onyinyechi Ananaba facebook

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