25 Mar 2013


Did you know that in every 10 ladies, 7 will usually spend lots of time doing things that either matter little or nothing at all?

We spend quality time making-up, dressing –up, watching our faces in the mirror, “gisting”, charting, etc. Not that these things are wrong in themselves, but for the fact that they add little development to our personality in the long run.

An old philosophy about time planning says that “time wasted cannot be regained”
The Bible also “talks” about a time for everything. Not doing every other thing and leaving a lot more unattended to.
Time is life!

You may not be perfectly able to manage your time, but you can make conscious efforts to plan your time. 

One of the many ways you can do this is by carefully setting aside a reasonable schedule of activities for yourself.
You should have well-written achievable visions for each month, each week and each day. Oh yea, it’s possible.

Action Point:
a.      Write down your plan for the month;
b.   Divide the strategies for achieving these plans into the 4 (or 5 as the case may be) weeks of each month;
c.     Before going to bed each night, have a clear understanding of what you intend to achieve the next day and how you intend to pursue same;
d.       Anticipate disappointments and make alternative plans;
e.       Chase after your plan vigorously! Time flies!

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