10 Apr 2013

'Fabulousity' meets grace

I dropped to my knees.

It was the news I received that Yetunde had passed on. Shade said she was very ill for a while before her sudden demise. But how did this happen? We were out at a friend’s birthday party just a few days back.

Yetty was a lover of life. She had lots of friends, male and female and countless acquaintances as she was very pretty and sociable. She had the best of everything; clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, a house and two cars from her last “sugar daddy”, a Honda Element and the latest Honda Crosstour.
She had a sonorous voice too. She sang and danced at the Karaoke Bar she met her last “sugar daddy”

We both had “wonderful” times together: getting wasted at clubs and bars, parties, sleeping with men we fancied and ditching the ones we thought were “broke”

Hence, it was a rude shocker when I learnt she had passed on. It jolted me back to reality. Three words proceeded from my mouth almost immediately: “Just like that?” It took me sometime to absorb the fact that she no longer existed, at least, not on this same plane.

Another question inevitably followed: “Where has she gone?” Of course the question was rhetoric. I did not expect Shade, the bringer of the bad news, to have an answer to it. Shade had left almost as soon as came. She too was bereaved. Yetty was our friend. Shade’s friend actually. But we all became friends after our ordeal at the night club we first met; where we were almost beaten to death. It took God’s intervention that our lives were spared that day. Well, that’s story for another day.

The moments and hours that followed, I had to do some serious soul-searching. What if it was I? Would that be the end then? What would my existence have mattered? Of what use would I have been to those around me? And more importantly, where would my ultimate end be?

These and many more questions flooded my mind almost at the same time. Is this what it feels like for someone you know so well to no longer exist? Perhaps this was a warning to me. A checker maybe. I had to make my ways straight.  I had to amend my ways and align them with what the Holy Bible says. That was what the preacher said the other day. That death could come calling at any time and I would have to account of how I spent my life to The Creator who gave the life to me.

Yetty probably had no opportunity to right her wrongs. I do now. And I should take advantage of it…

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