18 Mar 2013


Hello  fabulous,

The tides are changing.

Gone are the days when women waited aimlessly for men to provide every of their needs; down to their clothes and even under-wears. It is good we know that God has blessed us all with sufficient wisdom, grace and the ability to achieve whatever we want and attain whatever height we so chose to.

The only challenge seems to be the limiting factor called “ME”

No man is in your life to be your able-bodied all-provider.

The Bible calls us their “help-meet”. Our primary purpose as ladies in the lives of our men, our husbands, is to help them. Not to be burdens and liabilities to them.

Truth be told, few men would tell you that you are a nuisance or liability. On the flip side, they secretly wish for a different part of you. The side that says, “no darling, it’s okay. You’ve spent a lot already, let me handle it”. The kind of woman that wakes up early enough to take care of the home and still do something to make ends meet. Not the one that waits for him to bring back money home.

It could be a skill you have, harness it. A degree, work. A talent, don’t waste it, that’s why you’ve got it in the first place.

Be wise ladies,

Want your man to love you more? Be more than he can see.

Be a little independent. He’ll be tripping again in no time. Cheers!

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