2 Apr 2017

How to work at home with a baby

Ok, so this is my opinion from my personal experience. Babies are individuals and just like adults, there's no one size fits all approach to do this. Here's how I do it-

1. Keep track of time. By now, you should know how long your baby sleeps under normal circumstances. Squeeze in some work when baby's asleep.
2. Distract baby with toys. This works. Sometimes.
3. Drive or walk around with fussy baby. Babies tend to sleep when they're in something that's in motion.
4. Strap baby unto baby's carrier and move about. While moving about with him, you can actually be getting some work done.
5. Let baby work with you. Keep baby safely beside you. Give him some toys, and a piece of paper to tear (make sure he doesn't eat it). Occasionally make faces at him and talk to him. This will keep him engaged, and distract him from distracting you.
6. Kukuma "back" the baby while you try to get some work done.

Did I hear give baby a sleeping suspension? I didn't say that.

When all fails, carry crying baby till they fall asleep, and, if they wake up while you try to lay them on the bed, keep carrying!

Let's know your tips and tricks in the comment section.

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