5 Apr 2017

8 Don'ts For New Mums

1. Don’t binge-eat. It's unheathy; find other ways to channel your feelings.

2. Don’t oversleep. While I understand the need for sleep, you have to find a balance between sleeping for rest and sleeping because you think you should. You have to be strong for yourself and your baby and be present and actively involved in your baby's life.

3. Don’t think you can do everything on your own. You probably can’t. Get help. Hire a house assistant (short term or long term; live-in or occasional, full time or part-time).

4. Don’t overwork yourself. That's why you have help. Delegate duties, plan your time, sleep when your baby is asleep, let your husband get in on the flow.

5. Don’t think your baby won’t survive without you. He/she will. Take care of yourself.

6. Don’t transfer aggression to others. You will most likely experience mood swings. The medical professionals say it's caused by a hormonal adjustment women experience postpartum. It will pass.

7. Don't lock yourself up indoors. Go out!

8. Don't mind the changes to your body. Eating
clean and working out will get you in a comfortable
and healthy state.

+1 🆓Don't neglect your husband. He's as important

as your new baby.

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