14 Mar 2017

10 habits that will make your life lighter and make you feel happier

1. Prayer. This one goes without saying. What better way to cast your cares on the One who cares? 

2. Meditation. This point had to stand alone because some people pray without having the time to meditate on a Bible verse. 2Timothy 3:16 says “All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness”. Basically,  there’s manual to make you feel lighter and happier. 

3. Eating healthy. There are foods that improve metabolism, help you reduce your cholesterol and stress levels and thereby improving your general productivity. Our daily consumption of rice, garri, yam, pasta, and so on is definitely doing us more harm than we intended. 

4. Working out/Exercising. Until I started working out, I didn’t quite appreciate this one. Now,  when I’m done, I feel healthier and stronger (not to mention the other benefits it has on your physical body), which easily translate to feeling lighter and happier. 

5. Attending social events. I like this one even though I’m not too much of a social butterfly, I feel it’s a good way to lighten up. I especially love comedy shows. I could meditate on the jokes for daysssss and burst out laughing each time!

6. Relaxing and unwinding. There’s something about bright lights, camera, water, breeze, sunshine, rainfall. There’s a better way to experience them than when you’re locked up at home or have your head buried in a huge pile of paper work. Go out and experience them. You don’t need anyone to take you, just go! 

7. Helping others. I find that when I’m able to help others, I feel satisfied. Give out your old clothes (or buy some new ones) for someone in need, make a donation to an orphanage, sign up as a volunteer for a charity organisation, volunteer in a church department, win souls! 

8. Being grateful for the little things. Surely, you don’t need an explanation here. Or do you? 

9. Sleeping. I personally feel lighter when I’ve had a good night’s sleep (or a nap). It’s perfect to relax your entire body system and rejuvenate. 

10. Doing work you love. If you actually love what you do, it will no longer feel like “work”. Of course,  there are other factors to consider in a place like Nigeria; factors like traffic and the likes but a good balance of the points listed will help. 

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