24 Jan 2017

Dear God...

I've come to realise that the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but time and chance happens to us all. 

We may struggle and hustle to achieve a particular goal, or numerous goals and eventually realise that they did not happen, they may not have been worth the effort, we didn't really need them or they were just not right for us at the time.  

Sometimes, it's okay to relax and let God. He heard your prayer, He knows your needs and He's far more interested in and committed to making them come through than you could ever be. 

The trick is knowing what He wants for you at every time, when to keep pushing and when to relax. That's what the real struggle should be about. If you're committed to letting Him lead you all the way in life, He will. It might not be the way you expect it or at the speed of light, but He will, and His way is always best. 

So, Dear Lord, what do you want for me? I want it too!  

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onyinye okoye said...

Nice and really true!