21 Jan 2014

I will later...Oh I didn't!

Okay, so it didn’t happen today. I couldn’t get myself to do the stuff I wanted to do today. I guess I’ll do all that stuff tomorrow. Then the stuff I have to do tomorrow, maybe I’ll do it the day after and so on. Oh, well maybe I just wouldn’t do any of it anymore. *Whew*
What better time is there to begin to live out all you have planned out than NOW?
Procrastination is a major distraction to be distracted before it distracts us from achieving our worthwhile dreams. (Pun intended :)
Okay, let’s do this this way: set your alarm or reminder to the time you want to something important. Once it goes off, proceed to do whatever it was you wanted to do. Yep. That’s it. *wink*

Love always.

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