20 Jun 2013

Health-threatening effects of Smoking

This write-up is aimed at making you a better you.

The hard truth about smoking is that it kills. It is the single greatest cause of preventable death, worldwide.
Research has shown that every year, people die from diseases caused by smoking.
Some of them are:
*Cancer of the lungs, larynx, mouth and pancreas.
·         *Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) including Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis.
·     *Heart attacks and stroke-- Smoking causes fat deposits to narrow and block blood vessels. This in turn leads to heart attack.
·   *Lung and Heart failure-- The mixture of nicotine and carbon monoxide in each cigarette you smoke temporarily increases your heart rate and blood pressure, straining your heart and blood vessels.
·     *Subsequent amputation-- Smoking slows the blood flow, cutting off oxygen to the feet and hands. Some smokers end up having their limbs amputated.
·     *Cigarette smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of low birth weight, prematurity, spontaneous abortion, and perinatal mortality in humans, which has been referred to as the fetal tobacco syndrome.
Cigarette smoke contains many carcinogenic products that bind to DNA and cause Genetic Mutations.
Changing to low-tar cigarettes does not help because smokers usually take deeper puffs and hold the smoke in for longer, dragging the tar deeper into their lungs.

Passive smoking (“Secondhand smoking”) is just as deadly as active smoking. If your friends refuse to stop the habit of smoking, let them know that they can’t do it in your presence. Your health is important to you. Health is Wealth!

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