23 May 2013

Lady versus Girl

A lady—

·         -Has charisma
·         -Doesn’t speak vulgar words 

·         -Weighs her words before she speaks
·         -Is always neat and presentable
·         -Is concerned about her appearance
·         -Has a clear vision for her life
·         -Prepares her food herself
·         -Earns a living
·         -Exploits her skills and talents
·         -Has integrity and self-respect
·         -Is concerned about her health
·         -Doesn’t drink alcohol heavily
·         -Doesn’t smoke
·         -Is courteous
·         -Uses the words “please”, “sorry”, “thank you” efficiently
·         -Sits and keeps her legs crossed in public
·         -Is always conscious of her environment
·         -Acts in moderation
·         -Has a strong self-will
·         -Invests in good books
·         -Is a lover of knowledge
·         -Is sincerely concerned about adding value to her society

Which are you? :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot we learn everyday i know am a lady cos I posses all of these characteristics ppl shud learn them.