6 May 2013

10 bad habits every diva should completely avoid in public:

This article is actually helpful to both men and women. However, since more is expected of us divas, we definitely need more of this: 

1. Biting/Chewing your nails

If you can’t help it, fix artificial nails using acrylic. I assure you’ll have no option but to abstain entirely. 

2. Vigorously scratching your hair in public
What is in the hair? Lice? C’mon, stop it already.

   3. Picking your nose
Terrible! Terrible! Terrible! Whatever made you think you couldn’t wait till you got in the shower?      

4. Cursing
This is so not lady-like. You should stop it whether in public or not. It makes you appear to be a tout.

5. Farting
The right place to fart is in the toilet. Help yourself out, find one around or go to a less populated place. Don’t contaminate our air!       

6. Scraping food from your mouth with your fingers
Surely, no diva does this in this 21st Century, or at least, not in public. The right thing to do is to rinse your mouth. Go the extra mile to brush your teeth before going to bed. It has long-lasting benefits.   

7. Sitting recklessly
How can you be dressed in a gown, sit and leave your legs wide apart? Regardless of what you’re wearing, always leave your legs crossed. The left leg over the right one. It’s more polite.
8. Chewing gum aloud
Whewww! This one is sincerely annoying and irritating *sorry* It doesn’t make you look decent one bit.

 9. Yawning with your mouth wide open
Why oh why? I know the feeling though. You might either be very tired or hungry. But please, try to keep your mouth closed. Or turn away from others. 

10. Removing eye mucus with your hands
Trailing mucus in a bid to remove them from your eyes, with your hands should embarrass you as much as farting aloud and everyone turns and looks at you. It’s definitely impolite and unhygienic. Wash it off when you’re in the shower.

I bet you’ve learnt something, gorgeous.
Thank you!

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