27 Jun 2017

5 Ways To Fund Your World Travel

I'm a huge advocate for travel, especially world travel (even though I don't have a world of experience in this). I have a draft article on "things to do before you get married" and traveling is on the list. Maybe I'll change the topic to 'what to do while ""waiting to be married"" ' (as if...).  Well, let's not digress. 

I absolutely loved it when I went to Dallas (Texas, USA) and Calgary (Canada). I should do a post on the 'benefits of traveling' or something like that. I'm sure I have a few things to share. 

For now, we know that the first thing that comes to mind when talking about travelling the world is funding. So, I thought to share these ideas with you - 

1. Study. Why not earn a degree or get certified while you're doing what you want - exploring different cultures? If you can, apply for a course abroad. I'll suggest a European institution because if you get a Schengen student visa, you can travel to other European countries within the Schengen zone๐Ÿ˜†.
2. Savings. If you have some savings and don't know what to do with it, why not see the world? Some people like to travel solo but you can also find a friend, sibling or colleague who might be interested. Do the research - flight tickets, accommodation, feeding, transportation, etc. Make sure it's pocket-friendly. You don't want to spend all your life savings yet!

3. Volunteering. Take advantage of volunteering opportunities and make the best of them. You could sign up to volunteer for the African Union or the United Nations. These are the few I know. Even if you have a regular job, you can take a leave once you've been invited for a volunteer assignment. They'll pay for your return ticket, give you living allowance, medical insurance and some other bonuses. I think this is a fair deal. This way, you support the local people, learn new cultures and see the world!

4. Vacations. If you can, suggest a vacation in another country to your parents, brother(s), sister(s), uncle(s) aunty(ies), family friend(s), friend(s). Remind them about how they've been working so hard and how they need to rest. You can even volunteer to plan the trip, just be sure to let them know you'll be tagging along. ๐Ÿ˜

5. Flight miles. Be loyal to one airline. If you are, you can save up air miles, get a discount, or even be eligible for an all-expense paid trip. Who knows what might just happen? 

Make sure you do a thorough research before making a decision; and go prepared!

Lets know your experiences and ideas in the comment section! 

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